How Do I Stop My Shower Leaking?

Even very small holes in waterproofing can lead to escape of water which could lead to costly demolition and re-waterproofing.

Prevention is the best cure because if the leak is due to inadequate waterproofing underneath the wall or floor tiles, it can be extremely costly to fix. In order to fix this waterproofing, the wall or floor tiles need to be removed. In many cases it is  impractical to remove these tiles without first removing the shower screen and plumbing fixtures. By the end of the process, most of the bathroom may need to be replaced, just to fix a tiny hole in the waterproofing. This can be prevented by having your architect carry out a waterproofing check before the installation of the wall tiles. They will check that waterproofing has been installed in accordance with your contract documentation including relevant Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. Contact us about a waterproofing inspection today