Do I need to install sarking under my roof in Victoria?

In Melbourne and surrounding areas, Sarking is not normally required for most houses unless the home is situated within a bushfire zone. There are some exceptions to this rule however and these should be verified prior to construction. Whether sarking is technically required or not, it is recommended. It will cost additional but the energy savings alone may be worth the investment in the medium to long term. To check whether sarking is required and also whether it is being installed in accordance with your contract, the National Construction Code and Australian Standards, have your roof inspected by Architect Inspect. We carry out independent building inspections to ensure that you are getting a correctly constructed building. Contact us today for a free quote.

Sarking may not be a requirement in Victoria (unless you are in a Bushfire zone or have a particular type of roof), but it is recommended.
Flat rooves will often require sarking to be compliant.