What is Concrete Cancer & How Do I Avoid it?

Concrete cancer occurs when moisture or oxygen corrodes the steel reinforcement within the slab. It leads to reduced slab strength and ultimately, failure of the slab. Symptoms of concrete cancer include orange or brown stains on the surface of the concrete. In some cases, concrete cancer can be repaired however it is often costly to do so and may involve specialist treatment with epoxy resins and other compounds. The sooner concrete cancer is identified, the higher the likelihood of it being able to be cost effectively addressed.

Concrete cancer can be prevented by installing the reinforcement at the correct height before concrete is poured. The best way to ensure that the reinforcement is properly installed is to have your slab inspected before the concrete is poured. ArchitectInspect Inspectors will inspect the steelwork to ensure that the correct sized bars are installed. They will also ensure that the steel is installed at the correct height and in accordance with the National Construction Code and Australian Standards. Contact us for a free quote today.