Building Inspection Costs

Prices are an additional $110 per inspection for a double+ storey home
Renovation and New Building Feasibility Reports
For a preliminary concept design and answers about:
  • Council Policies and Guidelines
  • Concept Design
  • Costs and Budget Estimates
New Home Inspection Package (Double Storey $3696)
Discounted prices on the full package of reports to ensure that your home is being built to the highest quality possible:
  • Pre slab
  • Frame
  • Pre Plaster Inspection
  • Lockup
  • Handover
New Home Pre Slab Inspection (Double Storey $770)
A Pre Slab or Base Inspection occurs prior to the concrete being poured to create the base.
Common areas of concern:
  • Beams and footings
  • Dimensions and excavation
  • Termite protection in place
  • Wire mesh integrity
  • Construction materials
New Home Frame Inspection (Double Storey $770)
A Frame Inspection takes place after the wall and roof frames have been completed and approved by the Building Surveyor.
Common areas of concern:
  • Wall/roof and truss frame
  • Door and Window openings
  • Frame spacing & bracing
  • Concrete slab finish
  • Plumbing and drainage
New Home Pre Plaster Inspection (Double Storey $770)
Our inspectors check that electrical and plumbing works have been installed so that they do not compromise the structural integrity of the frame.
At this phase, We check for the following:
  • Wall/Roof Truss Frame
  • Electrical interference with structure
  • Plumbing interference with structure
  • Wall Wrap/Sarking
New Home Lock Up Inspection (Double Storey $770) 
A Lock Up Inspection takes place after the doors and windows have been installed making the home secure.
Common areas of concern:
  • Fascia boards & gutters
  • All aspects of the brickwork
  • Roofing completion
  • Window & door locking devices
  • Wall linings & cornice
  • Waterproofing
New Home Handover Inspection* (Double Storey $770)
A Handover Inspection takes place prior to the turnover of keys to the purchaser. This Inspection focuses on minor defects and ensures the quality of the construction by the builder.
Common areas of concern:
  • Running boards & cabinetry
  • Proper fitting of doors & windows
  • Pest barrier in place
  • Joints & tiles are flush and sealed
  • Ceiling, wall, and corner straightness
  • Overall construction quality
  • Potential safety hazards


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