Fixing and Waterproofing Inspections
Fixing and Waterproofing Inspections
Fixing & Waterproofing are essentially two separate stages of the build that normally occur at the same time. This inspection is the last opportunity to address defects before painting and tiling.

Fixing stage is reached when the doors and timber trims (architraves and skirting boards) are fitted and when joinery such as kitchen ,vanity and internal stairs have been fitted. For smaller buildings, fixing stage is when you will pay the last building progress payment before completion, and when you will normally have paid up to 85% of the contract sum.

Waterproofing is the process of making the balconies, bathrooms, and shower areas resistant to water ingress. This is critically important because it will protect the sub-structure from leaks and rot. Waterproofing may be completed using a paint-on type membrane, which forms a water-resistant layer. The National Construction Code requires that all wet areas be waterproofed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, (For single residential this is AS 3740 – Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas or for balconies, in accordance with AS 4654 – Waterproofing Membranes For External Above-Ground Use).

What We Look For
Unfortunately, many builders are unaware of waterproofing standards (or not willing to adhere to them). This is an issue that we see time and time again. Unfortunately, in many cases we are called in after the waterproofing has failled, leaving the owner with a significant rectification bill. At Fixing & Waterproofing stage, look for straight plaster and cornice, window and door frames out of parallel, plumb walls and waterproofing defects. If these items are not identified at this stage, they may contribute to water leaks and possibly structural issues. This is also normally the first opportunity to inspect the newly-completed brickwork and external cladding, which often has defects present, and must be inspected to ensure the quality.
When Is This Stage Ready To Inspect?
When doors, architraves, skirting boards and joinery have been completed, it is common practice for an invoice for Fixing Stage to be sent. This generally means that the waterproofing will also be complete or close to complete. We recommend that you make your builder aware in writing that you intend to have a Fixing & Waterproofing Inspection, so that it can be arranged.