Contract Reviews
Contract Reviews
Due to continuous issues and disputes between builders and building owners, laws were passed in Victoria relating to Building Contracts in 2005.

Building contracts are often confusing for building owners, and almost always skewed too far in the favour of the builder, with unfair clauses and schedules. We offer a comprehensive contract review service, to ensure your building contract is fair and equitable, and all clauses are properly reviewed specific to your property. We will check your building contract, as well as your plans, engineering, building permit and specifications documents, and make recommendations in our detailed, easy to understand reports.

We will often make recommendations on several of the following;
  • Build time (number of days to complete)
  • Agreed damages for building delays/late payment
  • Unfair specification clauses
  • Progress payment schedules
  • Hidden additional charges
  • Incomplete schedule items
  • Alternative building methods
  • Prime Cost/Provisional Sum items
Before you sign your building contract, it is advisble to have it reviewed by both a construction lawyer and by an experienced construction professionals such as Akiitech.