Renovation + New Building Feasibility Reports

Renovation + New Building Feasibility Reports
We provide Feasibility Reports for clients who are contemplating the purchase of commercial or residential real estate, or who are looking at renovating their existing home or workplace. Our reports provide answers to questions about potential building works, such as:
  • Council policies and guidelines
  • Concept design
  • Costs and Budget estimates
For duplex, multi residential and medium density developments, the initial process for planning small to medium duplexes, medium density developments and multi-residential developments commences with a preliminary project assessment. This process is made up of discussions surrounding your desired outcome/design ideas, desired budget, a zoning/building code review for the proposed development site to ensure compatibility and the establishment of the overall parameters that will affect the design.
Depending on the site and proposed development it is often advisable to undertake a preliminary feasibility assessment report which is prepared to assess the design options and redevelopment potential of the subject site. This report would, for example, establish how many dwellings are likely to be accommodated based on the relevant Council’s requirements or how many apartments can be considered for a small apartment block with parking.

Prepared and presented by our Principal Architect, our preliminary feasibility assessment report is structured to establish design solutions to maximise the value of the site. By commencing with this process clients can make informed decisions on how to proceed confidently with their development project.