Pre Slab Pour Stage Inspections
Pre Slab Pour Stage Inspections
Our Pre Slab Pour Stage is an inspection of the base of your building, prior to pouring concrete, to ensure everything has been properly completed, ready for concrete to be installed.

Once concrete has been poured, there is no way to know what issues exist in the structure, where if an error has been made it could lead to serious issues. Often there are numerous defects present in the steel and formwork, and it is important to have them checked because the building surveyor often neglects to either detect or report on these issues. Our detailed inspection process is designed to find the issues before it becomes too late, to ensure your building is built on a solid foundation.

What We Examine
After a soil test confirms the site conditions, the concrete slab design is engineered. Every slab is custom designed, and will differ according to the geotechnical conditions of the site. The structural slab design, and the installation, must comply with the relevant Australian Standards (for residential buildings this is AS 2870 – Residential Slabs & Footings). The specifics of the design of your new concrete slab are detailed in the Structural Engineer’s plans. We check that the design has been followed on site as specified in the engineers drawings, that the works are in accordance with the relevant standard and are generally of a good standard.
When Should You Go Ahead With This Inspection?
The Pre Slab Pour inspection is often difficult to arrange because your builder may start the pour within a week of starting on site. At this stage, you may not have been introduced or even spoken to your building supervisor. Also, the time between when the slab form-work is laid and when the reinforcement is poured can be very small. Lastly, slab pours might be delayed by one or more days because of weather conditions. Rain will delay work on most building sites, and pouring concrete cannot occur during excessive heat (above 35 degrees).

We make it as stress free and easy as possible by offering to arrange this inspection directly with your builder, so you need not worry about the timing. We will of course keep you updated, so you know when the inspection is booked.