Pre Hand-Over
PRE Hand Over
Your builder will contact you to arrange a Pre-Handover Inspection once your building is complete. The inspection may be called PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), a NHP (New Home Presentation – in the case of a new home), a final inspection or any one of a number of other names.

This inspection is an opportunity for you to inspect your new home and make the builder aware of any issues or defects you would like rectified before you settle and receive the keys. At this stage your building will not be 100% complete, and may not even have a Certificate of Occupancy, however this inspection occurs because builder deems the building has reached practical completion stage.

During this inspection with your builder, it is your responsibility to identify all of the defects and quality issues throughout your new home or building. This can be difficult for home-owners without extensive building knowledge of the standards, because they may not know look for. Furthermore, builders may actively try to divert attention away from areas they know defects of quality issues exist.

Your new building or new home is a significant investment and this is why independent quality building inspections are so important. A quality building inspector will assist in ensuring that the building meets the NCC (BCA), the numerous relevant Australian Standards and manufacturer’s guidelines. A quality building inspection report will highlight building defects and poor work so you get the quality you paid for and expect for your new home.

What We Look For
Akiitech will undertake a thorough inspection of your new home, including the following relevant elements:
  • External walls, cladding and brickwork
  • Roof flashings, fascia, gutters, eaves and roof areas
  • Door and window framing and glazing
  • Sub floor areas if built on stumps
  • Internal plasterboard, painting, cornices, ceilings and walls
  • Doors, architraves & skirting
  • Floor coverings including floor tiles, floating floors, vinyl and carpets
  • Test all taps and waste pipes
  • Bathroom vanity and kitchen cupboards
  • Appliances (if installed)
  • Paintwork and timber finish
  • Silicone sealing in wet areas (check possible leaks)
  • Carport and garage
  • Ground levels around house
  • Concrete pavement and driveways
  • Roof Space
We will also check other items highlighted to us by you, in any area we can access. Our inspectors carry tools to ensure we can inspect everything. We carry a ladder, torch, moisture meter, level, extending mirror, tape measure, laser measurer and ruler.