Maintenance and Warranty Inspections



In the months after handover once you’ve moved into your new building, defects will start to become apparent that were not evident at the time of hand-over. Common items include cracking brickwork or tiles due to settlement, faulty appliances or any one of a number of other building defects.

Builders generally offer a Maintenance & Warranty period of between 3-12 months, called a ‘defects liability’ period, during which time they are contractually obliged to rectify any defects detected by you. This stage is the last time the builder will be interested in addressing any building or structural issues, therefore it is extremely important you properly identify any and all maintenance and warranty issues so they can be addressed. When an owner presents their issues to the builder’s maintenance supervisor at these inspections, the builder may try to avoid addressing the item by saying that the item is not a warranty item, or make up some other excuse why they cannot fix the issue.

When you have a professional, experienced and independent building inspector prepare a Maintenance & Warranty report for you, we will ensure that you are not misled about which items are the responsibility of the builder, and which are not.

We know where issues are likely to crop up, and we thoroughly investigate and document issues and defects so you have confidence that you can give your builder a proper list of outstanding problems. Commissioning an independent warranty inspection is one of the best ways to safeguard your investment against potentially costly fixes.