Architect Inspect and Group are continuing to provide design and construction consultation support to our clients during this challenging time. We encourage you to make contact with us via telephone or via our social media channels. In cases where it is necessary for a private consultation or building inspection, our Architects take your health and safety seriously and are following rules and guidelines set out by the government in relation to social distancing, frequent hand-washing and not consulting while ill. Where buildings are being inspected or consultations are taking place, it is recommended that building owners sanitise surfaces and touchpoints after the architect has left the premises. Architect Inspect and Group would like to thank our community for their continued support during this challenging time.

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Independent Building Inspector in Melbourne

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Discover Building Design Potential

    At Architect Inspect, we specialise in building inspections in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We carry out both construction advisory inspections and pre purchase building inspections. Our independent building inspectors are qualified and registered building professionals who provide expert advice about all aspects of building and construction. We are also qualified to provide you with design advice about what may be possible to build from a structural, planning and building permit perspective. We can assist you with the following types of inspection depending on your needs:
    When you invest your life savings into a new home, it is important to ensure that it is constructed to the highest standards. Our new home inspections in Melbourne are carried out over the five stages of your home’s construction. We inspect your home from the slab pre-pour stage through to the PCI handover and all stages in between. Architect Inspect will prepare a comprehensive report advising you about the construction defects that have occurred on site. This will arm you with the knowledge to ensure that your home is built according to the National Construction Codes, Australian Standards and Victorian Building Authority tolerance guidelines. Find out more or get a quote.
    A comprehensive pre purchase building and pest inspection should be a key part of your due diligence when purchasing a home. Our building inspectors will arrange a comprehensive pre purchase building inspection on your behalf. Our inspectors examine the roof, floor, sub floor and throughout each room to determine what costs you are likely to incur once you purchase the home. Find out more about our pre purchase inspection reports here or get a free quote.
    A comprehensive dilapidation report carried out by an independent building professional will protect you and your contractors from bogus claims for damages. Our special purpose reports can cover any issue relating to your building or construction. Issues may include cracking, flooding, or rising damp. In addition to identifying the defect and its likely cause, our reports can outline how to fix the issue. Our reports are used by insurance companies and trusted by authorities including the Victorian Building Authority and VCAT. Find out more about our special purpose building inspection reports here, get pricing, or for a custom solution, contact us.

    Save Money

    Our Inspectors are experienced at identifying building faults that could cost you thousands to rectify in the long term. We seek to ensure that you are fully informed of issues that will cost money, so that you can save money.

    Access To Your Personal Building Consultant

    Our inspectors will be your own trusted and independent building professional, providing building advice right up to settlement to assist you to make the best decisions. Our inspections are carried out in accordance with and with reference to the National Construction Code (BCA), Australian Standards and state building authority guidelines. Advice is available by telephone and email.

    Peace of Mind

    Whether you be purchasing a new home or building the residence of your dreams, our inspectors will assist you to navigate the complex construction or building procurement process. Our extensive experience and understanding of Construction will assist you to ensure that you are kept aware of issues that may affect the quality and performance of your home, or which may be costly and/or time-consuming to fix.


    • Trusted and Independent, Always.

      Reports are prepared for the exclusive use of the client

    • Fast Turnaround

      Reports emailed within a day

    • Be armed with knowledge about required repairs and time-frames

      Know what to expect with our reports.

    • Independant advice from your very own building expert

      Inspections and Reports carried out by qualified construction professionals.

    • Discover the Design potential of the building.

      Our Reports include preliminary Architectural design advice

    • Faults described in simple, plain English

      Jargon free, easy to understand Reports.

    • Building Defect Repair Costings Included

      When purchasing, we offer a cost basis to assist you to understand rectification costs. This may assist you to negotiate a more suitable price.

    • Inspectors use state of the art equipment to ensure that you get the full picture.

      Inspectors carry a thermal camera, moisture meter, 3.6m ladder and specialist Pest detection devices. Where approved, there are also certain circumstances we use drone photography.

    About Our Inspections
    Inspections are carried out by qualified building practitioners. Collectively, our team has over 15 years of industry experience. We know how to identify defective work, and items that do not meet Australian Standards or the National Construction Code (BCA). Furthermore, our team will not only identify issues and potential issues, we will adise how they can be repaired.
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