Frame Stage Inspections
Frame Stage Inspections
Frame Stage is reached when wall and roof framing is fully completed. Sometimes on multi-storey buildings, the garage or other lower roof areas do not need to be finished to reach frame stage.
At frame stage, the building surveyor must attend site to check of the frame, but often passes frames with dozens of defects and incomplete areas.

All building frames must comply with the relevant Australian Standards, (for residential buildings this is AS 1684 – Residential Timber-Framed Construction), the National Construction Code (NCC or BCA), and the engineering drawings. With so many areas of a frame prone to defects, it is extremely important to have it thoroughly and properly checked.

What We Look For
Our inspection process ensures that all elements of the frame are properly checked. This should give you confidence that any issues are identified. Some of the more common defects include:
  • walls overhanging the concrete slab,
  • roof trusses not properly fastened to walls, and
  • walls installed out of plumb.