Architect Inspect and Group are continuing to provide design and construction consultation support to our clients during this challenging time. We encourage you to make contact with us via telephone or via our social media channels. In cases where it is necessary for a private consultation or building inspection, our Architects take your health and safety seriously and are following rules and guidelines set out by the government in relation to social distancing, frequent hand-washing and not consulting while ill. Where buildings are being inspected or consultations are taking place, it is recommended that building owners sanitise surfaces and touchpoints after the architect has left the premises. Architect Inspect and Group would like to thank our community for their continued support during this challenging time.

Best Building Inspections in Cranbourne

Are you investing in a property and looking for a highly skilled team for pre-purchase inspection?

At Architect Inspect, we specialize in offering impartial and thorough inspection reports to help you understand the overall condition of a property. Easy-to-read, our reports highlight potential areas of concern and the integrity of the structure. With our service, the uncertainty and stress that is associated with buying a property are done away with and you can have the confidence that you are making the right choice.

Architect Inspect is fully insured and we have many decades of experience in the industry under our belt. Our company has registered building inspectors and we ensure that our reports adhere to industry guidelines and are accurate. Whether you are looking for building inspections in Cranbourne, we have your needs covered. Avail our service today.

Property Inspection Experts in Cranbourne

Building inspections are best done with Architect Inspect. We take pride in our commitment to service and the exceptional quality of work that we guarantee. Regardless of what stage of building that you are at or how far along the purchase process is, we can conduct the inspections that are needed to ensure that your building and property does not spring up with any hidden surprises.

We are locals and have a deep understanding of the local construction and property industry. Architect Inspect helps understand the unique conditions that properties are subject to. This gives our team an edge when it comes to checking on defects and problems and at the same time making sure that they can be rectified early and not become a costly issue later on.

Comprehensive Inspection Services and Pre-purchase Reports

We conduct inspections and produce reports for every aspect of building and property development. At Architect Inspect, we have the complete range of reports and inspection services that are backed with our guarantee of accuracy and adherence to the Australian industry standards. With registered and fully qualified inspectors, Architect Inspect can give you a complete range of reports that include:

  • 137B owner builder reports
  • Owner builder defect reports
  • Pre-purchase building inspections
  • Independent new home inspections
  • Frame and stage building inspections
  • Property dilapidation surveys
  • Special purpose building inspections
  • Strata Inspections

Connect with us today to discover more about the information about building inspections in Cranbourne.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange the correct inspections to suit your specific needs. Call our team at (03) 9602 5304 for more information and details about building inspections.

We can help provide you with all the information that you need to know that our services are right for you. Save time and submit your details in our contact form and we will get back to you straight away (usually within 1 day). We have the best of customer service representatives to connect with you and our work is focused on professionalism and adherence to high-quality standards.

Residential and Commercial Building Inspections